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In the current issue of Spa!, I came across a usage of 鉄板 that I had never seen before. It's from a guide to places in Tokyo that are frequented by people who produce adult videos:
「『じゅらく』は昔からAV女優の面接の聖地なんです。女性がいて、隣にスーツ姿の男性(マネジャー)、向かいに小汚い格好の男性(監督)がいれば鉄板。」 [boldface in original]
No dictionaries I checked had this sense, but it is explained on the Web. It seems to come from gambling and mean "a sure thing":
Despite the last comment, Google has slightly more hits for 銀行レース than for 鉄板レース. I don't know if 銀行 is used in the same extended meaning as 鉄板 is in the Spa! example.

(December 30, 2002)