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“No Longer Only Human: Language in the Age of AI” (2024) (pdf)

「得意・不得意と生成 AI」 (2023) (link)

“Close Enough to Human: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of English Education” (2023) (pdf)

“Ethics and Language Education” (2022) (link, pdf)

「人間が作る辞書」 (2021) (link)

“Forgotten Novels of the 19th Century” (2021) (link)

「ニューラルMTの問題」 (2020) (pdf)

“The World As They Saw It” (2019) (link)

“The Implications of Machine Translation for English Education in Japan” (2019) (pdf)

“The Discourse of Kyōyō and English Education in Japan” (with Kimie Yamamura, Ryō Gakutani, Marzena Karpinska, and Tetsurō Tanojiri) (2019) (pdf)

“A Sonnet for Professor Brendan Wilson on His Retirement” (2019) (link)

“Machine Translation and English Education in Japan” (2018) (pdf)

「考えの大仕掛けと小仕掛け」 (2017) (pdf)

“Science Tutorials in an English-Language Program for Science Students” (with Kimie Yamamura and Diego Tavares Vasques) (2016) (pdf)

“All By One’s Selfie” (2014) (link)

“The Enlightened Generation” (2013) (link)

“On the Limitations of Language and Logic” (2013) (pdf)

「英語が入試から消える」 (2012) (link)

“Which Languages to Teach: The Classical-Modern Debate and the Future of English Education” (2012) (pdf)

“The Range of Language” (2012) (pdf)

“Kokugo Dictionaries as Tools for Learners: Problems and Potential” (2012) (pdf)

“Disputes About Language Teaching, Past and Present” (2012) (pdf)

『ことばのくも』 (2009–2012) (link)

「日本語学習の意義と課題」 (2011) (pdf)

“Form and Content in a Science Writing Curriculum” (2011) (pdf)

“Controversial Vocabulary in Monolingual Japanese Dictionaries” (2011) (pdf)

「言葉、言語、そして辞書」 (2010) (pdf)

“Toward a Grammar of Discussion” (2010) (pdf)

“The Cultures of Writing Centers” (2010) (pdf)

“Noun Countability and English-Language Pedagogy in Japan: A Re-exploration” (2010) (pdf)

“The Representation of English Articles in Prescriptive Grammars and the Implications for Language Education” (2009) (pdf)

“Translating the Untranslatable: How ‘Japanesey’ Words are Handled in Japanese-English Dictionaries” (2006) (pdf)

Lexical Leavings (2002–2005) (link)