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A scholarly book published this year:
A History of Roget's Thesaurus: Origins, Development, and Design, by Werner Hüllen, Oxford University Press.

(March 5, 2004)

Two Thousand Four must be the year for books about thesauri. A few hours after posting the above, I dropped by the main Sanseido bookshop in Kanda which, bless its heart, now has a couple of shelves devoted to books about dictionaries, and I picked up the following:
『講談社「類語大辞典」の研究 -辞書がこんなに杜撰でいいかしら』 西山里美(著), 洋泉社 (2004).
As the subtitle suggests, it's not the sort of book likely to delight the editors of 類語大辞典.

Close readers of Lexical Leavings (113, to be precise) will notice that 西山里美 is also a coauthor of a book about 新明解国語辞典. As it happened, also on the Sanseido shelves was:
『新解さんの読み方』夏石鈴子(著), 角川文庫 (2003).
This is a revised edition of the book of the same title by the same author published in 1998 under the name 鈴木マキコ.

(March 6, 2004)