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An acquaintance has informed me about an interesting computerized dictionary project. It collates pairs of Japanese and English words that appear in the lists of keywords that accompany many academic papers written by Japanese scholars. It includes many mistakes, of course, but it may also include recent and specialized terms that haven't been noted elsewhere.

The dictionary, called the 学術用語対訳/類語検索オンライン辞書, is located here. The following is the result of a search for "dictionaries":
和 電子辞書 (3.4) 英 Electronic Dictionaries (0.2)電子化辞書 (11.8)
Electronic dictionary (11), Computerized dictionary (1.4), electric dictionary (1), electrical dictionary (0.8)

和 対訳辞書 (1.8) 英 Bilingual Dictionaries (0.2)Bilingual Dictionary (2)

和 機械辞書 (1.8) 英 electric dictionaries (0.2)Machine Dictionary (1.6)

和 動的辞書 (0.6) 英 Dynamic dictionaries (0.2)

和 辞書データベース (0.6) 英 Dictionaries database (0.2)

和 分散型辞書 (0.4) 英 distribated dictionaries (0.2)

和 複数辞書 (0.2) 英 Multiple dictionaries (0.2)

和 遂語辞書と内容辞書 (0.2) 英 verbatim and semantic dictionaries (0.2)

和 古辞書注解 (0.2) 英 Annotations in Ancient Dictionaries (0.2)

和 電子化辞書管理 (0.2) 英 Managing Electronic Dictionaries(0.2)

和 仮想辞書方式 (0.2) 英 virtualizd electric dictionaries (0.2)

和 ブロック化された辞書 (0.2) 英 divided dictionaries (0.2)

和 テキスト辞書間の類似度 (0.2) 英 Sondarity between Text Dictionaries (0.2)

和 唐話辞書 (0.2) 英 Chinese-Japanese dictionaries (TOWA-ZISYO****) (0.2)

(June 7, 2003)