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Asked to create an example sentence for "past" as in the phrase "in days past," I did a Google search for the string "in times past people" to get ideas. Some of the results:
In times past, people expected to die at a relatively early age, and were concerned about protecting their family.

In times past, people changed their wardrobes according to the calendar, not just the seasons.

In times past, people interacted on the front stoop or the sidewalk.

In times past, people made pilgrimages to holy shrines and sacred spots to atone for sins, seek a cure, keep promises, or recover holy ground from barbarians.

In times past people assumed that a simple will was all that was necessary to make a smooth transition of one's assets upon their death.

In times past, people were content to claim that God supported their carnivorism.

In times past, people in towns prepared bread at home and brought their molded loaves to a public oven for custom baking.

In times past, people usually ate three meals a day.

In times past people used to carve out the inside of the peaked rock formations and either live or create churches in them.

In times past, people would put out food and candy to appease the dead, and dress up like ghosts, so that when the ghosts saw them they wouldn't try to scare them.

In times past, people lived without a priest for long periods of time, and kept the faith.

In times past, people were put off UNIX because of the cost.

In times past, people on the move or people with a surplus turned to drying as the answer to maximizing their resources.

In times past people would retire to Florida.

In times past, people were buried alive because they had slipped into comas or suffered from other illnesses, where they looked dead, but they really weren't.

In times past people often "restored" their antiques with brush and paint—just the opposite of what we like to see.

In times past, people viewed authority as an accepted hierarchy.

In times past, people became aware that a light was necessary at night time as it was difficult to walk around or hunt.

In times past people who had the disorder were thought to be possessed by demons and burnt at the stake, or were locked up in insane asylums.

In times past, people thought they were great warriors granted immortality after bravery in battle.

In times past people would swim in waters that flowed towards the rising sun as it climbed in Midsummer morning sky.

In times past, people either made their own products or knew who did, as well as how they did it.

In times past, people died.

(March 23, 2003)