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Music > Life in London

Original improvisations for piano by Tom Gally

Recorded in 2021
Cover illustration by Sara Gally

Life in London

The Corinthian

Robert Logic, Esq.

The Pleasures of Life

This Great Metropolis

The Lovely Miss Kate

A Jollification

Jerry Hawthorn

The Gay Cyprians

Drunkenness, Beggary, Lewdness, and Carelessness

Bow Street

A Masquerade Supper

Blue Ruin

The Old Imposter

The Condemned Yard

At Almack’s

The Low Coveys of St. Kitt’s

Grand Carnival

The Festival of Love and Harmony

The Chaffing Crib

Jacco Maccaco

Architects of Their Own Fortunes

A Mere Bagatelle

Cut All the Buzmen

A Dustman’s Wedding

I Shall Most Certainly Return to London

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Life in London, or the day and night scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his elegant friend Corinthian Tom in their rambles and sprees through the Metropolis by Pierce Egan, originally published in 1821, can be read and downloaded for free at the Internet Archive.