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Music > An Authentic Account

Original improvisations for piano by Tom Gally

Recorded in 2022
Cover illustration by Sara Gally

An Authentic Account

Occasion of the Embassy

Thoughts on Patronage

Presents for the Emperor

The Indolence of the Stronger and the Industry of the Weaker

Tempestuous Weather

Instance of Political Morality

Uniformity of the Winds

Other Sovereigns

Floating Islands

Late Revolutions

Master of the Lion

Squadron Sets Sail

To Cross the Bar

Arrival at Tacoo

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An authentic account of an embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China: including cursory observations made, and information obtained in travelling through that ancient empire, and a small part of Chinese Tartary; together with a relation of the voyage undertaken on the occasion of His Majesty’s ship the Lion, and the ship Hindostan, in the East India company’s service, to the Yellow Sea and Gulf of Pekin, as well as of their return to Europe; taken chiefly from the papers of His Excellency the Earl of Macartney, Sir Erasmus Gower, and of other gentlemen in the several departments of the embassy by George Staunton, originally published in 1797, can be read and downloaded for free at the Internet Archive: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3 (plates)