Official research site for Tom Gally
Recent papers are available for downloading.

Active Learning of English programs (ALESS and ALESA) at The University of Tokyo, Komaba
A required course for first-year undergraduates

Japan Society of English for Researchers
一般社団法人 学術英語学会
A nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the English skills of Japanese researchers

English Education in Japan
A site started in July 2014 to provide information on all aspects of the teaching and learning of English in Japan

Komaba Language Association
A research group at the University of Tokyo, Komaba

Writing Centers Association of Japan
A new organization established in 2011

The Kenkyusha Online Dictionary
An evolving collection of online dictionaries, including Kenkyusha's New Japanese-English Dictionary

Kotoba no Kumo
A blog in Japanese about words and more

Readings from the Internet Archive
Nice finds from the Internet Archive's text collections

The Universal Spectator
Some recycled and nonrecycled images and text

Stonefield's Country & Western Music
Sam Ishihara's home page

The jeKai Dictionary Project (archived)