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A search at for "dictionary" by publication date yields either a lot of typos or some very ambitious and farsighted publication plans. The first ten hits:
1. The Dickens Dictionary: A Key to the Plots and Characters in the Tales of Charles Dickens
by Gilbert A. Pierce (Hardcover - January 2014)

2. Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon, or Trade Languages of Oregon
by George Gibbs (Hardcover - November 2011)
3. Far East English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary (104A)
(Hardcover - November 2011)
Not yet released.

4. German-English and English-German Dictionary
(Paperback - November 2011)

5. Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians
by Theodore Baker (Hardcover - September 2007)

6. Questions & Answers (Blackbirch Visual Encyclopedia)
by Nicholas Harris (Editor) (Hardcover - October 2006)

7. Dictionary of Collective Nouns
(Hardcover - December 2005)

8. Dictionary of German National Biography
by K G Saur (Hardcover - December 2005)

9. Loanwords Dictionary
by Urdang Staff (Hardcover - December 2005)

10. Russian: An Essential Grammar (Routledge grammars)
by Nicholas Brown (Hardcover - December 2005)

(November 1, 2003)