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I was wondering if "monitor" is used in English in the same meaning that モニター is in Japanese. Here's the first sense from 大辞林:
I couldn't find this meaning in any English dictionaries, and the Web searches I did for "monitor testing" and "consumer monitors" got relevant hits only from sites in Japan. In the past I've translated this sense of モニター as "monitor" but that may have been wrong. If the word is 和製英語, it should be marked as such in Japanese dictionaries.

(Later: While several Japanese-English dictionaries just give "monitor" for モニター, Favorite gives "test user," "test viewer," and "test listener" and states 「英語のmonitorにはこの意味はない」. I can't remember if I was responsible for that entry or not. (Even later: It seems that I wasn't.))

(January 26, 2003)