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The names of some English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries:
Access Anchor, Active Genius, Advanced Favorite, Alpha Favorite, Anchor, Anchor Cosmica, Approach, Aurora, Basic Genius, Beacon, Big Apple, Bright, Business, Business Concise, Businessman, Campus, Challenge, College Crown, College Lighthouse, Color Crown, Color Epoch, Color Pax, Compass Rose, Concise, Core-Lex, Crown, Custom, Daily Concise, Daily High School, Daily New Phonics, Diamond, E-Gate, Epoch, Essential, Exceed, Familiar, Favorite, First, Fresh Genius, Friend, Furigana, Gem, Genius, Global, Grand Century, Grand Concise, Grand Tour, Green, Green Lighthouse, Handy, Handy Genius, High Top, Howdy, Info Word, Jump, Junior, Junior Anchor, Junior Approach, Junior Concise, Junior Everyday, Junior Friend, Junior Progressive, Kids Crown, Ladybird, Learner's Progressive, Lexis, Lighthouse, Luminous, Mobile, New Anchor, New Century, New College, New Concise, New Crown, New Global, New Horizon, New Little, New Pocket, New Proceed, New School, New Sunrise, New Sunshine, New Victory Anchor, New World, O-Lex, One World, Pax, Personal, Petit Pal, Pocket Comprehensive, Pocket Progressive, Pocket Romanized, Practical Genius, Prep, Progressive, Rainbow, Reader's, Reader's Plus, Rex, Romanized, Royal, Senior Culture, Senior Friend, Shorter, Sped Eos, Sped Terra, Spirits, Step, Study, Sunrise, Sunrise Quest, Sunshine, Super Anchor, Trans Romanized, Travel, Trim, Unicorn, Victory Anchor, Vista, Wisdom, Word Pal, Young Genius, Young Junior, Youth Progressive

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