Flowers & FloodsFlowers & Floods

Piano solos arranged and performed by Tom Gally

Also available on SoundCloud.

The Fairchild Waltz (T. Gally) (mp3)

My Melancholy Baby (G. Morton, E. Burnett) (mp3)

Taking Some Steps (T. Gally) (mp3)

Indiana (B. MacDonald, J. Hanley) (mp3)

The New March (T. Gally) (mp3)

Pennies from Heaven (J. Burke, A. Johnston) (mp3)

The Flowers of Edinburgh (Trad.) (mp3)

The Shining Streets (T. Gally) (mp3)

Under the Waterfall (T. Gally) (mp3)

The Fairchild Waltz Redux (T. Gally) (mp3)

Bonus track
Blue Rider (T. Gally) (mp3) (27 minutes)


Copyright 2008 by Tom Gally.